Determinants of Attitude of Customers towards Mobile Advertisement

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Addis Ababa University


The rapid increase in the usage of mobile phones in Ethiopia is not only offering channels of communication and interactivity to companies but also significantly influencing the ways in which organizations conduct their businesses and marketing activities. Mobile advertising, particularly in the form Short Messaging Service (SMS), has become one of the most popular channels of communicating with customers due to its ability to advertise in a time, location, and personalized manner. The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that affect consumer‟s attitude towards mobile advertising on students of Addis Ababa University. The result will help bridge the knowledge gap regarding the determinants of customer attitude towards mobile advertising and how consumers‟ feel this advertising channel to provide the industry and academia with valuable insight. This study has been mainly adopted from Brackett and Carr (2001) model. The focused factors were entertainment, informativeness, credibility, irritation, incentive, personalization and clarity. The study employed cross-sectional survey design and the data required for this study were gathered using a structured questionnaire as well as focus group discussion and the instrument is proved valid and reliable. 382 copies of the questionnaire were administered to University students and 365 copies were retrieved and used for analysis. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to select the respondents for this study. Correlation analysis was used to test the stated hypothesis and multiple regression was used to determine the predicting power of each variable. Accordingly, the findings proved that there is a significant relationship between independent variables (i.e., entertainment, informativeness, credibility, irritation, personalization and clarity) and the dependent variable (i.e., consumer attitudes toward SMS advertising). Entertainment has the strongest relationship with attitude of customers towards mobile advertising followed by informativeness. However, the variable „incentive‟ has shown insignificant relationship



businesses, marketing activities, Mobile advertising