Urban Redevelopment Challenges in Addis Ababa City Administration: The Case of Kirkos Sub-city

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Addis Ababa University


The thesis’ motive was to assess the urban redevelopment challenges in Addis Ababa City Administration: focusing on Kirkos Sub-city. In order to get answers to the raised questions in the research, both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods were applied. The primary sources on the basis of field work and the urban renewal related offices as well as the relocation sites, and secondary data from different records supplemented the analysis at all levels. The study findings revealed that due to urban renewal projects, urban dwellers were challenged by losing their social and informal interactions, business ties, locational advantages and jobs, and sufficient compensation payments for their losses. Furthermore, the socio-economic crises because of fenced, idle & vacant plots to the country which were occurred mostly due to implementation problems and incompatible policies with the current situations that affect citizens’ daily lives also discovered. The thesis recommends finally the constant revision of policies, regulations and directives in order to meet citizens’ essentials that avoid their sufferings, to enhance the means of employment opportunity in the relocation sites and help in restoring their lives. In addition, it recommends narrowing the knowledge gap of the implementer for the laws to be implemented properly and to avoid the development activities delays on the ground.


A thesis submitted to the Department of Public Administration and Development Management of Addis Ababa University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Masters in Public Management and Policy (MPMP).


Challenges, Evictions, Implementation, Socio-economic