The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment at Amanuel Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between employees' job satisfaction level and their organizational commitment. The participants of the study were employees working at Amanual Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa in the year 2015/2016. Data were collected from 320 (158 males and 162 females) sample respondents selected using simple random sampling through two standardized questionnaires:. In addition, data were also collected from eight participants through interview who were selected using purposive sampling. Furthermore, data through document analysis was used to get data regarding the turnover rate of employees in the organization. Data were analyzed using Pearson product moment correlation, single sample t-test, independent t-test, one way ANOVA and multiple regression. The one sample t-test result revealed that the level of employees' job satisfaction was ambivalent and the organizational commitment of employees' was low while the data obtained through interview showed that the level of employees' job satisfaction was low. The multiple correlations between predictor variables (components of job satisfaction) and organizational commitment was found positive and significant (R=.385). The components of job satisfaction explained nearly 14.8% of the variation in employees' organizational commitment. From the different components of job satisfaction benefits, nature of work and pay were found to be significant predictors of organizational commitment. These three components explained 12.9% of the variation in employees' organizational commitment. Based on the research result employees' job satisfaction was positively correlated with their organizational commitment, financial benefits and the nature of work were the major determinants of employees' job satisfaction and their commitment to the organization , the employees' job satisfaction and commitment were found low which may hinder the effectiveness of the organization to accomplish its missions were the main conclusions of this study. Finally, based on the results and conclusions recommendations were given for managers, policy makers and researchers to improve the job satisfaction and organizational commitment of employees. Key words: job satisfaction, organizational commitment, Amanual Hospital



job satisfaction, organizational commitment, Amanual Hospital