The Assessment of Factors Contributing for the Successful Implementation of Construction Projects in INGOs: The case of Save the Children International, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Save the Children Ethiopia faces various kinds of challenges in its implementation of construction projects in various regions of Ethiopia where it operates. This study aimed in assessing factors contributing for the successful implementation of the construction projects by INGOs: the case of the Save the Children Ethiopia. Based on the assessment significant factors were identified which affect the successful implementation of the construction projects Accordingly, a good planning of the construction project from the very beginning of inception of the project, thorough and completed bid document and its timely evaluation and award to the capacitated contractors and project management and contract administration of the construction projects with experienced and qualified technical experts with commitment and keeping team spirit in doing so were also considered as most contributing factor for the successful implementation of the construction projects. In addition to the above well aligned organizational structure with the role of the construction department and fair, transparent and attractive recruitment to promotion policy and its fair implementation complemented with the top management engagement in high-level decision like no-cost extension, dispute resolution and overall related issues and as an organization securing of sufficient financial funds were found to be factors affecting the successful implementation of construction projects. Finally, this research makes some recommendations in light of the assessment and further research areas to be considered for the successful implementation of the construction projects



Successful implementation, Project