Customer Satisfaction and Marketing Performance of Melka Awash Farmers’ Cooperatives Union in Oromia Region of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The Organizations have to know the factors which affect their performance and manage these factors which effectively help them to survive & face an ever increasing competitive pressure.The purpose of this study is empirically to explore the way customer satifaction affect marketing performance.For this purpose data were collected from 188 respondents in three primary cooperatives (i.e. namely: Awash Melka,Awash Godetti & Tarre Sillassie )in three districts.In order to test the hypothesis of this study,correlation & regression analyses were performed. Results of correlation analyses revealed that both product/service attribute & buying experience are positively and significantly related to customer satifaction & to each other.The finding from simple regression reveals that customer satifaction has stastically significant positive effect on marketing performance



Product, Buying Experience, Customer Satisfction