Analysis of Professional Ethics Practices in Ethiopian Construction Industry: In the Case of Ethiopian Roads Administration

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While the construction industry contributes to the achievement of targets for social and economic growth, there are still a number of problems. One of the key ones is the unethical conduct of its professionals that affects companies, efficiency, time and expense and influences them. It is necessary for professionals to use applicable codes or guidelines to exercise their knowledge of ethics. The more professionals practice their approaches to ethical questions, the more likely it is to make the right decisionwhen the pressure is on.Therefore, the primary goal of this research is to examine professional ethics practices and identify the most unethical practices in Ethiopia's construction industry, analyze the reasons why people behave unethically and try to come up with realistic solutions that could be sufficient to eradicate these negative effects by assessing the current conditions in the Ethiopian Roads Administration /ERA/.To achieve the above-mentioned goal, this research was undertaken by conducting a literature review on professional ethical practices in the construction business, followed by a full questionnaire survey. By utilizing an exploratory research design and factor analysis, the key findings of the study are, economic downturn, delayed salaries of workers, location of the project (boarder area), professional indiscipline, personal behavior, excessive love for money (greed), lack of strict contractual laws, andoverlapping between personal and professional ethics, are the main variables contributing to acting unethically.The degree of unethical behavior in the construction industry as a whole,desire to engage in unethical behavior while performing professional duties, individuals or organizations engaging in the work without the necessary qualification, experience or training, under bidding, professional’s commitment conflicting with clients interest, professionals not safeguarding the client’s belongings from going missing or being stolen, professionals do not treat employees fairly, professionals are devoted to their superiors and management, are the most common form of unethical behaviors observed among professionals in Ethiopian construction industry.According to the research, unethical behavior has a negative influence on cost and project quality. It's a good idea to have a code of ethics that's well-followed.It is vital to establish a program to ensure that professionals have the necessary traits, duties, attributes, and ethical conduct at all times.



Professional Ethics, Construction Industry, Ethiopian Roads Administration