An Assessment of Environmental awareness Education on Solid Waste Management in Gullele Sub City

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to assess and analyze Environmental Awareness Education on Solid Waste Management in two selected woredas of Gullele Sub city. the specific objective of the study are to assess awareness level of people on solid waste management practice, to explore sources of environmental awareness education on waste management, to examine the problem encountered during environment awareness education on solid waste management and to identify appropriate method and strategies that should be employed to provide solid waste management awareness education for adults in community. The research method in this study implied was descriptive survey method. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected through questionnaire, interview, focus group discussion and observation. Data obtained through quantitative were described and analyzed in percentage. The information obtained through interview and focus group discussion was qualitatively described by narration to supplement quantitative data. The subject in this studies were Health Officers, Sanitation and Beautification Officers and Micro and Small Enterprises Development Officers, community leader, and Association of solid waste Collecting and Disposal and their the sample total number120.The sampling techniques were all the office head and micro and small enterprises development officers were selected purposive sampling due the representative nature whereas the officers were selected using simple random sampling methods to allow equal chance. The finding of the research indicates that ,the Sanitation and Beautification, Health office, and micro and small enterprises development office were provide environmental awareness education on solid waste management, communities understand their role on managing solid waste, but there is implementation gap and lower community participation on waste management, and lack of waste management facilities in the locality



Management in Gullele Sub City