The Practice and Challenges of Youth Irregular Migration to South Africa: The Case of Deported Males from Tanzania Prison in Damot Pulasa District of Wolaita, SNNPR.

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Addis Ababa University


Youth irregular migration is a common phenomenon that has been happening nowadays. The aim of this study is to explore practices and challenges of youth irregular migration in Damot Pullasa district of Wolaita, SNNPR, in particular reference to deported irregular youth migrants from Tanzania in course of their journey to South Africa (RSA). The study used a qualitative research design in order to explore irregular migration and its subsequent consequence of deportation from the lived experiences of deported migrants themselves and challenges they in return to their original home. Purposive sampling method has been used by taking 8(eight) sample size (all were deported youths in early 2018 to late 2018 in the Damot Pullasa District). In-depth interview and observation were used as the data collection tools for this study. This study found economic influence, peer and/or family influence and availability of illegal human traffickers as reason for the irregular migration of youths in the study area. The study also observed the challenges irregular migrant youth face as a critical problem that should be early intervened by concerned bodies by raising awareness of communities, particularly youths. The researcher argues that the problem of irregular migration may create another problem which involves a vicious cycle on life of youth through time. Thus, this study comes up with recommendations which can be possible intervention to minimize the challenges that youths experiencing with regard to irregular migration and how to re-integrate deported youths from irregular migration misery to sustain later life in their country. Keywords: Youth, deportee, challenge, irregular migration, practice, transit



Youth, deportee, challenge, irregular migration, practice, transit