Customers’ Satisfaction in Land Delivery Service by Urban Local Governments A Case Study of Bishoftu Town Administration

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Addis Ababa University


To evaluate customers’ satisfaction by local governments, Bishoftu Town Administration (BTA) was considered as a case study. Problems identified include, lack of integration of duties, the absence of good governance and there is a huge gap between supply and demand for land. The land acquisition, and development process is very long and the city administration has no capacity to provide full flegged infrastructure proactively for the users. Absence of land development finance,, lack of skilled and motivated manpower, and the absence of private ownership of land. The general objective of this research is to evaluate customers’ satisfaction in land delivery services and the factors affecting it to come up with some solutions. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected from secondary and primary sources. The study period was from December 2007- May 2008 and a total of 216 customers who want land for different purposes were randomly selected as a study subjects. Moreover, the total numbers of employees of BTA who are engaged in land delivery services were also taken as a study sample. Structured and unstructured questionnaires of two kinds were used as an instrument for data collection. Interview questions were also prepared to collect data from an official. The data was analyzed through statistical software and percentages, tables, bar charts and pie charts were used for this purpose. The research reveals that there are a number of problems such as lack of motivation and the corresponding employee attitude towards customer’s service, the absence of proper information dissemination, and incompatibility of services with the value of customer and. Policy making did not include participation of customers. Concerning land, serious problems with land use in Ethiopia is land Policy and the corresponding land ownership increasing fees and the time to get land beyond imagination lack of full information about the land policy of the country. Compensation for farmers is made by customers and there will not be infrastructure at the time of receiving land there is a problem of applying good governance. Access to necessary resources that are used to carry out jobs is a problem for that matter there is lack of the required number of man power, technical instruments including computers for information technology and vehicles used to facilitate customer’s service. Demand and supply of land are far away from each other. This is the problem of many urban centers in Ethiopia. Preparation acquisition and development of land for the customers and the need for basic infrastructure complicated the problem and reduced the capacity of satisfying effective demand. There is no easy access to land this is supported by the fact that customers have been waiting to receive land most of them for 2-3 years some for over 4 years even though surprisingly few get land within 6 months time Therefore over all customers were not satisfied with land delivery service they are getting from Bishoftu Town Administration. The following recommendations were forwarded. From the findings of this research employees were not given proper emphasis both filling the vacant positions and developing the existing employees were absent, therefore, there should be filling the vacant positions and training and developing and controlling employees on work environment need to be done. Citizen participation in policy making is helpful not only for customers but also for the administration. It facilitates the sense of ownership to the policy and simplifies implementation process .Therefore, BTA is recommended to make the participation of residents in planning activities. There should also be single and one standard criterion that must be followed to provide land for the purpose of treating residents equally Accountability of officials, responsibility of staffs, equity and transparency in providing services should not remain on the post and should be implemented in real and must be witnessed by customers. All resources necessary to carryout the required task so as to satisfy customers must be present. Official interviewed and data collected from employees of BTA reveal that there are serious constraints of resources such as vehicles and technical instruments. Therefore, it is recommended that these resources are available to the unit



Bishoftu town administration, Land delivery service, Customers’ satisfaction, Local government