Mapping Land use and Land Cover Change and their Effects on Urban Pre Urban Agriculture in Debre Markos Town, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Land use / Land cover mapping serve as a basic register of land resource for all levels of government, environmental agencies like Ethiopia where agriculture sector has the basic contribution for gross economy, land resource plays a major role in the level of production. This study emphasize mapping land use land cover change detection and presents results regarding to land use land cover change detection and its effect on urban agriculture in the case of Debre Markos town. To achieve the objective of this thesis integration of recent technology, such as remote sensing and GIS tools and different ancillary data like topography map used as input with ground verification for accuracy assessment. To collect ground truth data for aspect of accuracy assessment stratified random sampling method was used and followed that 250 sample points were collected from these 60%used for classification purpose and 40% were used for accuracy assessment. Change detection Analysis results shown that there was decreased farm land in the last 29 years from -15.4% from (1987 to 2003), -4% from (2003to2016) and -1.24% from (1987to2016) due to expansion of built up areas. The spatial trend of built up areas was a growing trend in the different part of Debre Markos town which accounted area coverage of increment 11.4% in 1987 to 24% in 2003 and 25.4% in 2016 . Therefore, the findings of this study could provide as decision making for urban planning. Key words: Land Use Land Cover changes, GIS, Remote Sensing



Land Use Land Cover changes, GIS, Remote Sensing