Administrative and Socio-Economic History Of Sululta Woreda, 1941-1974

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this thesis is reconstructing the administrative and socio-economic history of Sululta Woreda from liberation of Ethiopia in 1941 to the end of the monarchical government, in the country, in 1974. The study covers the period from 1941to1974, in which the inhabitants of the woreda like the other residents of Shoa Province observed important political and socio-economic developments. The study begins with historical survey of the woreda by prevailing different developments in the woreda before liberation (1941). Beside this, the study outlines the rule of the Italians in the woreda, in the pre-1941 period.The thesis deals with the restoration of the imperial administration and the reforms that were introduced by Emperor Haile Sillassie in various fields in relation with the administration and land related issues and the importance of the reforms to the people of the woreda will be the main area of concern. The study also outlines taxation issues and view maladministration problems in the district. In addition, the study assessed the formation of Sululta Woreda and its administrative history in the period under discussion. The thesis also attempted to focus on nature of the land tenure system in the woreda and its burden on life of the inhabitants in the woreda. The thesis also attempt to asses’ public services and infrastructural developments in the woreda, in the last three decades of the monarchical regime.



Administrative and Socio-Economic History of Sululta Woreda, 1941-1974