Community Engagement and Conflict Management: The case of Midroc Gold Mines, in Shakisso District

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study was to assess community engagement and the causes of conflict between the mining company and local community in the study area. A descriptive survey design was employed. The study has two sources of data. The study employed both qualitative and quantitative methods that include questionnaire; interviews and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). A simple random sampling technique was employed to select respondents from purposively selected Kebeles. The finding of the study indicated that the relationship between the mining companies is not good; the level of community engagement at mining cycles is poor. Moreover, proper mechanisms are not employed by the company to promote community engagement .The causes of conflict between the company and the local community were absence of broader community engagement and lack workshop for awareness creation. The company doesn’t believe that engaging the broader community has a positive impact on the delivery of services and make community consultation about the services and products of the company; the company produces some dangerous substance to the community; the company does not work on public consultation when it was established. The company did not conduct study on environmental and social impacts. The findings indicate that collaboration/problem solving is the very important conflict management strategies that need to be employed by the mining company and the local community; The Company need to be a representative "voice" of the community. Based on the finding of the study the research attempted to recommend the following. The mining company, the concerned local government or regional or federal government should promote the relationship between the company and local government by conducting needs assessments of the community by involving a variety of community members; conducting community meetings to discuss and seek input towards upcoming needs assessments; informing the company of issues of importance to them; request meetings for communities to voice concerns over community issues. Creating opportunities for community members to have input into what programs and services are provided; inform the organization's leadership of what community members would like to see the company offer ,and. the mining company, the concerned local government or regional or federal government should promote collaborating (problem solving) conflict management strategies.



Community Engagement, Conflict Management, Midroc Gold Mines, Shakisso District