Applying Data Mining Tools and Techniques for Effective Customer Relationship Management (Crm) of Ethiopia Hotel

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Addis Ababa University


These days there are a lot of hotels built with high standard and better quality of services in Ethiopia. Ethiopia hotel is one of the historical hotels in Ethiopia. To compete with those hotels having higher standards and keep its own customer loyal and profitable, Ethiopia hotel should understand its own customer's data and make use of the information understood. And data mining is power fitly tool for extracting this use fid information, particularly, for supporting good CRM by providing important knowledge about the customers. This study aimed at applying data mining technology on Ethiopia hotel's customer data for identifying valuable customer segments and their be ha vibrato support for better CR M (Customer Relationship Management) in the hotel. In this study , to prepare the data, data preparation tasks including cleaning missing value, smoothing outliers, and transformation and aggregation were made. By using the data mining tool called Knowledge Studio , clustering and classification models were built. The clustering model was used to identify customer segments. From this model five defined and meaningful clusters (customer segments) were identified. The classification model was built to generate rules used to develop a simple customer classification prototype that can help to classify new customer re cords to one of customer segments with the description of each customer clusters. The findings of this study would encourage business organizations to work on the application of data mining technology for better customer relationship management, and as a result gain a competitive advantage



Information Science