Effect of Service Delivery Process and Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction (A Case of EEPCO, North Western Region, Bahir Dar Town Customer Service Centers)

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This paper is designed with the objective of assessing the effect of service delivery process and service quality on satisfaction of EEPCo customers in Bahir Dar town. Therefore, the sample is selected using cluster sampling technique. Moreover, stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select the specific representative sample which is 175 customers. Both primary and secondary data was used in the study. Questionnaire and interview were the tools used to gather information. Moreover, SPSS is used to analyze the data . Relevant conceptual framework including customer satisfaction, service delivery process and service quality were summarized to have the theoretical background on the situation under study. In addition, some related works done in Ethiopia was summarized The research came up with the following findings: the effectiveness of the corporation's service delivery process and its service quality to satisfy the needs of its customers is below the average expectation of the customers. In general, the result also indicated that there is a positive relationship (correlation) between customer satisfaction and the two major elements of the study: service delivery process and service quality. Finally, this study paper proposes undertaking a detailed study on each service delivery process for undertaking corrective actions, recruiting and training skillful employees, developing different payment mechanisms, involving other firms in the selling process of electric power, and using the today's technology in order to satisfy the needs of its customers as major recommendations to the corporation.



Effect of Service Delivery, Region, Bahir Dar Town