The Contr-ibution of Non- Government Organization (NGO) to the Expansion of Pre- chool Education in Addis Ababa Implications to Quality of Education

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Addis Ababa University


Tlte 111a;n purpose (if tit is study i to assess tI,e cOl1tribution of Non Government Organizations (NCO) to tlte expr1l1 iOI1 of pre- c!lOol education in Addi Ababa lIJ1(1 its implication to quality of education. Tlte study in lil1e witlt tlte formulated ba ic question examined tlte activities of 'co as ; ted center ill en /lril1g quality pre-sc!lOol edllcation. TI,e ba ic que tion were:", ltat; tlte state of pre-scltool educatioll? Wltat i tlte implication of expandillo pre-scltool education to quality of education? Are tltere adequate and regular follow up and program assessment practice to improve access and quality of pre-scltool education? Wit at are tlte cltallenge faced in improvbto provision of quality pre-scltool educatioll in Addis Ababa? De criptive survey method was employed ill tltis study. Data were oat/,ered u ino que tionnaire, interview, document review, focus Group Discussions and ob ervation check Ii t. Tlte subjects of tlte study include NGO-project coordinators, Addis Ababa education bureau and sub city education focal experts, parents/guardians of the pupils, scltool based prill cip al and teacllers. Tile data gathered tllrougll questionllaires were analyzed using percelltaoe . Alld Tile findings of the study reveal tllat tllere is Iligll demand and desire for GO managed kindergartens by tile local commullity. Low level participation of parellts/guardirllls and tile community at large is also ob erved. Income gellerating Activities (IGA) particularly to local NGOs increase efforts to ensure ustainable community developmellt at grass root level. Tile government sllould provide land for tile expallsion of kindergartells. Establislling grassroots forums and submission of periodic report to the concerned offices, net working activities witll education bureaus at Woreda, alld regional level 1V0uld improve tile efforts of NGOs.



Government Organizations (NCO)