Secondary School Physical Education Curriculum Implementation and its Challenges: a Focus on Debremarkos City Administration

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was to find out P.E curriculum implementation and its challenges in Debremarkos secondary schools. Accordingly four research questions were formulated to guide the study. The participants of this study were 5 P.E teachers, 3 directors, 370 secondary school students and 3 curriculum coordinators in Debremarkos education office. All the 3 secondary schools in Debremarkos were selected. Data from the selected respondents were gathered using open and close-ended questionnaire, focus group discussion and observation. Data were presented using tables and interpreted using both quantitative and qualitative analysis method. The result revealed that, there was inadequate PE resource and environment, P.E has been taught by using traditional method of teaching. These predetermined objectives have no been achieved by the learners. There was no any supervisory activities and academic support for PE and different sport programs. There was no equal opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in PE practical classes and there was a serious problem to get the syllabus. The basic and common challenges in PE curriculum implementation were lack of sport equipment and facilities, less academic competency, less commitment and fitness of some PE teachers. Schools did not plan intramural and extramural activities regularly to support PE curriculum implementation. The evidence from this study indicated that conducive teaching learning environment should be fulfilled to enable students achieve the predetermined education objectives. Fulfilling sport equipment and facilities and conducting regular interschool competitions need to be mandatory. Providing all curriculum materials, provision of (CPD) programs for PE teachers and regular supervision support for quality physical education and designing a system to assess the attainment of lesson objectives and MLC, developing ties and cooperation with different sectors were some of the suggestions forward for action by different bodies. Key words: Supervision, Disability, Academic competency, Challenges



Supervision; Disability; Academic competency; Challenges