Impact Analysis of Desktop Cloud Computing in the Case of Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


This research is undertaken to study the impact of cloud desktop computing which is implemented in ethio telecom customer service department. This analysis will help to compare the costs and benefits of Desktop cloud computing before implementing it to other section in ethio telecom. To do this, the thesis uses various research techniques, including questionnaire and interviews to the users, technical administrators and managers. From the data collected through both ways it was found that the old distributed pc based system has problems of speed, storage capacity, processor capacity, security, and management. This created employee dissatisfaction and customer were not getting quality service (support) when needed. Based on the finding from the users and the technical experts. This research found that desktop cloud computing has improved employees day to day problem like login logout problems, stack problems, un necessary heat and sound coming from the system units, security issue, management issue etc. One problem observed and also mentioned by the employees is network problem. In desktop cloud computing, since everything is carried up over the network if network is down all employees will stop their work which has a huge impact on the success rate of any call center. But as the study shows, network issue cannot be taken as negative impact of desktop cloud computing, since it was also one of the obstacles in the previous way of handling call center activities. Therefore the result of the study shows that Desktop cloud computing has brought many positive impact on call center service quality and work environment



Analysis of Desktop Cloud