The Practice of Teacher Training Colleges with Reference to Accreditation in Tigrai Region

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Addis Ababa University


The pUlpose of the study was to assess the actual practice of teachers college with reference to accreditation in Tgrai region. Hence, from the out set, the study was planned to answer some basic questions. To find possible answers for those questions, both private and public colleges were equally treated in the study. So, out of private colleges that are accredited for teaching stream, 3 colleges were selected through simple random sampling. From those colleges, 20(100%) and 11 (1 00%) samples of teachers and college managers respectively were selected through availability sampling technique. Moreover, among the three public colleges of teacher education that are actually operating in the region, two are selected through lottery system. To this end, 55(58.51%) and 16(80%) teachers and college managers respectively were selected through stratified sampling technique. The main data collection sources were documentary analysis supported by observation checklist. In addition, questionnaire, interview and focused group discussion were used. Then the data were presented, analyzed, and interpreted. The statistical tools used to analyze the study were both percentile and chi-square To this end, the researcher has come up with the following findings.· firstly the operation of private colleges of tea chers' in the region was not in line with TESO objectives. Secondly, they are not actually operating in line with the requirements. Thirdly, stakeholders couldn 't get information about accredited and non-accredited colleges. Fourthly, the accreditation of teacher education was not tailored to the demand of primary schools in the region. Last but not least, TTVET commission does not have the capacity, autonomy, and expertise to accredit colleges in the region. Finally, some of the recommendations are. the responsible body need to enforce private colleges to make the training based on the TESO policy fram e, and observo the standArds of accreditation, find efficient mechanisms on which the public is informed about acci edited and non- accredited teachers colleges in the region.



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