Impact of Internal Market Orientation on Hotel Employees Satisfaction

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Addis Ababa University


Internal market orientation of companies is vital nowadays for success. Internal market orientation is all about the coordinated activity of companies towards addressing the needs of their employees and satisfying those needs. Employee satisfaction brings success for service provider organizations such as hotels. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of internal market orientation of four star hotels on the satisfaction of their employees using quantitative approach. In this study: training provision, staff facility provision and internal market orientation are the independent variables and employee satisfaction is the dependent variable. These variables are originated using a 29-items questionnaire. Out of the 350 distributed questionnaires, a total of 201 usable responses were collected from employees of 10 four star hotels in Addis Ababa. Data collection has taken a period of one month using self administered questionnaires. Correlation and multiple regression analyses were used to examine the correlation between independent variables and the dependent variable. The result indicated that there is relationship between the variables. The finding also showed that internal market orientation of hotels impacts employee satisfaction significantly. The research achieved its goal by showing those relationships. As a result, the finding is believed to benefit hotels by helping them understand how their activities are perceived by their employees. As hotels are passing through, continuous assessment and evaluation process by the ministry of culture and tourism of Ethiopia from time to time, the result of this study gives them hints on the areas to focus when performing internal marketing activity. Last but not least, the result of this study revealed that training provision and staff facilities provision are given due attention by four star hotels as opposed to the generalization report of the assessing body from the ministry of culture and tourism made for all hotels. As this study is focused only on four star hotels, the researcher does not believe that the result of this research can fully contradict with the conclusive report of the ministry. Thus, the researcher recommends that further elaborate empirical researches need to be performed using this research as a base to contribute to the industry



Internal Market Orientation, Hotel Employees, Training