Quality of News Content in two Radio Stations in Addis Ababa: Case Study of Abay FM 102.9 and Bisrat FM 101.1

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Addis Ababa University


My research focuses on two FM radio stations in Ethiopian capital-Abay FM 102.9 and Bisrat FM 101.1 in serving their audiences by providing content deliveries in news writing and reporting. The study based on what listeners of the mushrooming FM radio stations complaints on lacking content from the broadcasters particularly news in keeping informing them about their lives and what is going on in their surroundings and beyond that internationally. The research’s specific objectives and research questions were focused on examining the reasons of the broadcasters in delivering their works in professional ways keeping standards, assessing the factors that affect the quality of news and investigate what room the radio stations have to diversify their sources of news. The stations are selected by taking the time of their licensing, since they were the second generation FM radio stations in the capital(and of the country).The time of the study was from early March- mid April 2018 for six weeks (Monday- Friday). A total of 542 news items Mid-day(12:00 p m) news from Abay and early evening news(06:00 p m) from Bisrat were collected, coded, categorized and evaluated as well rated for their news values. The researcher utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methods. News of radio stations thoroughly investigated by hearing each of them qualitatively in professional ways the quantitative research work was done by Software Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The findings reveal that the problems of lacking content from the FMs are a real one. It has to be addressed by the regulatory body by enforcing existing regulations on local content and adopting experiences from other countries. Broadcasters have to quench thirst of their audiences need their information provision role in quality and keeping balance with their other roles of the media to the public -entertainment and education.



Quality of News Content in two Radio, Abay FM 102.9 and Bisrat FM 101.1