Interaction of a Two Level Atom with a Squeezed Light from Parametric Oscillators

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Addis Ababa University


In this project, we have studied the quantum properties of a light produced by a de- generate parametric oscillator that contains a two-level atom. Employing the master equation we have obtained the quantum Langevin equation and the equation of time evolution for the expectation values of the cavity mode and atomic operators. With the aid of the solutions of these equations, we have calculated the correlation proper- ties of noise operators. Using the obtained correlation properties of noise operators and the large time approximation scheme, we determined the mean and variance of photon number, the power spectrum, second order correlation function and quadra- ture variance. We have found that the variance of the photon number is greater than the mean photon number, indicating that the light produced by a two level atom has super- Poissonian photon statistics. On the other hand, the photons in the uorescent light are antibunching. In addition, the power spectrum of the uorescent light from a two-level atom driven by a coherent light, turns out to be a single peak. It is found that the width of the spectrum increases with "= . Finally, we found that the cavity mode is in a squeezed state and the squeezing occurs in the minus quadrature



Interaction of a Two Level Atom