La nd Deg radati on and De terminants ofFann c rs' In ves tm cnt III S ustainable Agri c ultura l Practices: T he case of Da ngila District, Arnh:nH Rcg io n, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Agricullllre is all engine for Elhiopial1 ecol/omy: however. ilS produclivily slill 10\1' due 10 lalld degrada/iol1l'eoches hos/ile sirlla/ion. The recollllllellded /l'eo/lJlellfj()I'lond degrodcllioll may he shift fhe all previolls cOllvel/lional farming in/a slIs/oinoh/e agl'iculllll'ol practices. SlIsluillahle oj!,l'iclIllllr(l1 pracl ices(SA Ps ) is a se/ of praCI ices I hal iI/crease producl illilY while conserving suil, which PUI on jirm fUlIlldotion of conserva/;O!1 tillage. use of compost. fallowing farm. legu/J/e intereropping and crop row/ioJ/. Despi/e /lse of suswmable ogriclIllure is a pOl/ocea .lor aggravoled land degrodclfioJ'l parl;cular~)l, for so;1 eros;ol1 and III.f/rieJJl depletion and lIIaxilJli=ing crop produce. bUI il seems a plateau jor farmers in Ihe sludy area. This is due /0 lIlallY fac /ul's halllpered llegOlil 'e~r/(tr/Jlers' percepliol1 and i/lves/menl i/l SAPs' ill the year 2U 13. This Sfl.I(~V tllere/ure. ossessecl IOlld deg/'odolioll sia/lis OIu.l./aclol's fhal facilitating or impeding fonller's decision 011 ;m'es/menl ill SA Ps' il/ DOl/gila dislriel. Alllhora Region. Ethiopia. The IIIlIltis/age sOli/pliny, procedllre was lfsed 10 idelll{/j' kebeles and sample respolldems. In Ihe/irs! stage, Ihe SIIlC(V orea lI'as jJ/.frp()sive~F seleeled becalfse (llhe presence u./SA Ps· practice. ...· lind researcher's preferel/ce. Theil. sU/JIple rllrol kebeles iI/ the dis/ricl Ivere Slrulijied ill/() agro ecology: 1II0ina dega and kola. vf which. Delllis(f and W/.~/ju-Dul;e kebele were selec/ed ral1d(}II/~)' £I1nl (/ /Olal 0./ 120 sample respondent were selec!ed randumly proporlioJ'l 10 si=e ji'OIIl idel1/iJied kebeles. Bolh qllolilafive alld quantilolive dula lI'ere collec/ed ji'oll/ sample respondelll ...... jlVhile qualilo/ive data were genel'lI/ed frolll observa/ioll. fOC lis group disclission (IIlrl key i/~/o"lI1al1t illlerviews /.Ising checklists. Q/.Ianlilol ive were calleeled ./rolll selec/ed .\·wl/ple rcspollclellls lfsing struclllred interview schedule during slfrvey lillie .FolI/ ,JcIllUWY 10 Fehruwy 20 13. TJle qlles/iulllwire IVOS pre-tested. revised and administered by welllrained enumeratoJ's J'ecrlliledfrolll/he SIflC~)' area. DesCr;plil'e SJaliSlics s/lch (fs./i"equency. mean. standard de vial ion, 1-leSI and .-,..1 Ivere used /0 Sllllllllori:e Ihe dolO Ivhile biI101:)1 logif 1II0del wos used to iclemi!y the 1II0s1 importan//ctc/ors (hal de/ erllline hOf.{seholds decision to invesl ill SAPs ' Amoflg (alaI swnple re~jJolfdelfls. 21. 7 were inveslors and Ihe res/ 78.3 were nOfl-inveslors. Age . ./a/'/II s;=e. alld pIal dislOflce were had signiflcanl mean diflerellce belween nOfl-;m'es/ors (fnd investors. 017 Ihe olher halld. sex. edlfcoliOJwl slaws a/houselwld heac/. pur/iet/Ju/iull ill kebele ac/JIlillis/roliull. soi/ler/ilily stU/lfS {fnd slope qlplu/ were correla/ed (0 illves/ors (~l SAPs' Reslflt.'; (l binOlY logil lIIodel indicaled /hol sex (?/ hOllsehold. age of hOllsehold. suiljerlilil), ,I'IalllS, slope oj'lhe pial, IUl/liber a/plol, plOl dislallce, land lise, labor availabilily, TLU exlension c(),,(ac/ 011(1 p(fI'licljJOliol/ i/l kebele adlllinis/ratio/l had sigJlijicon! injluence 011 farmers' inves/lllen/ (?lSus/oj,wble agriclIllllre practices. Gellerally. Ihe reslIl/ of Ihis .':;llfC~Y indicales Ihal I£ll1d degroc!cfliall is the oggregule oj mally/acinI's. which should be g iven due al/ell/ioll in Ihe innovalion and l,.an.~Ier (~lagricul!ural/ee hllologies like SA Ps' Key words : Land degradation. Sustainable agricultu ral practices. Dangi la distr ict. Bi nary logit



Land degradation, Sustainable agricultu ral practices, Dangi la distr ict, Bi nary Jogit