Current Practice on the Implementation of the Educational Rights of Children with Physical Disability in Addis Ababa: the Case of Menelik Ii Primary and Preparatory Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this research is to examine the current practices on the implementation of the educational rights of children with physical disability in Addis Ababa by taking Menelik II Primary and Preparatory Schools. It specifically explore the level of awareness, the status of discrimination, the situation of availability and accessibility of different services and facilities like class rooms, pipe water, toilet rooms, library, laboratory etc. and the role of stakeholders in making the school environment accessible and comfortable for students using wheelchair. The researcher collects primary data from students using wheelchair, teachers, directors, PTSA and other relevant Governmental and NGO stakeholders. This research employed questionnaire, question guides, focus group discussion, field observation and photography were used to collect relevant data. The result indicates that wheelchair user students lag several years behind their age mates in accessing basic education. There is a problem in awareness mainly on students and society in relation to the educational rights of persons with physical disability. Besides there is a chronic challenge on accessing services and facilities like class rooms, pipe water, toilet, separate toilet for students with physical disability, library and laboratory. In order to create a harmonious school environment for students using wheelchair the research forwards conducting awareness raising training to the students, government officials, society etc, employ inclusive approach to involve students using wheelchair in decision making, working together to make school accessible, amend/revisit the existing CSO and develop different incentive mechanisms for those NGOs working on the educational rights of persons with disability



Children with Physical Disability in Addis Ababa