Employees` Attitudes Towards the Performance Management System: in Case Birhan International Bank Share Company

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Addis Ababa University


Employees are the most valuable resource of an organization and assessing their attitudes towards their internal business process make a difference to company performance. Hence, this paper demands assessing the employees’ attitudes (job satisfaction, motivation, commitment and training and development) towards the performance management system (planning, monitoring, rating, feedback and review) of Birhan International Bank Share Company. In the way to answering the basic questions of the research, the study applied descriptive research design using mixed research approach. Data was gathered through questionnaire, interviews and document review. To collect representative data, a five-point Likert-scale is used and descriptive analysis with Frequencies and percentages were applied during data analysis. The finding of the research shows that job satisfaction is the most positively influencing employees’ variable towards PMS and employees commitment is negative towards the PMS. This explains Whether or not an employee have loyalty to the organization, have willingness to exert effort on behalf of the organization, degree of goal and value congruency with the organization, and a desire to maintain membership in the organization has a very limited effect on PMS as compare to the job satisfaction, motivation and training and development programs. Based on the findings, the organization is recommended to improve the commitment level of employees, which can be best done by applying 360- degree evaluation that enables checking the managers’ perceptions for accuracy, fairness, balance, reasonableness, and consistency. In addition, it is better to conduct training need assessment in order to improve the responsiveness of employees to training and development programs included in PMS. Key words: Employees Attitudes, Job satisfaction, Motivation, Commitment, Training and Development, performance management system



Employees attitudes, Job satisfaction, Motivation, Commitment, Training and development, performance management system