Achievements and Challenges in the Implementation of Business Process Reengineering at Addis Ababa General Post Office

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This research is co inducted with the objective of assessing the challenges, problems and achievements BPR as a public Administration and Management tool to enhance the service Delivery o{ public institutions as exemplified by the Ethiopia postal service with specific reference to {h e Addis Ababa General Post Office. The study employed descriptive survey method. The analysis o{ the findings revealed that BPI? implementation enhances the service delivery in terms of delivering quality service, flexibility and responsiveness and delivering customer sat is/action in GPO. However, lack of awareness, training, motivation, leadership and technological inputs have hampered the change. To overcome these challenges and problems ,the research has come up with recommendation where the organization should organize awareness creation and consensus building meetings with employees especially those who are most affected and disappointed by the change; providing work r elated continuous and rigorous training and orientation to both the employees and the management; the organ inaction must provide training and career enhancement as co unsealing and outplace mint assistance for those who are most affected by the placement, the leadership should monitor progress against the entire and make regular communication o{ progress and success in achieving the targets, the entire team, th e leadership, the management and the employees should get together to review the progress against the objectives and the standard, continuous monitoring and evaluation m1lst he regularly conducted and communicated to ail concerned units and individuals for further improvement and growth. The organization should also undertake recruitment and procurement in order to overcome the shortage o{manpower and equipment and facilities respectively.



Business Process, General Post Office