Causes, Consequences and Coping Strategies of Divorced Women: the Case of Bole Sub-City, Addis Ababa

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Most marriages are ending up in divorce for various reasons and, thus, divorce has become one of the social problems worldwide. Divorce affects the psychological wellbeing of the divorce-es. This study examined the causes of divorce, consequence of divorce and the coping strategies of the divorced women in Bole sub city At Addis Ababa City. It has the purpose of elaborating the consequence of divorce and implying the strategies, they are following to withstand the difficult consequence after divorce. This study employed both qualitative and quanitative research methods.Thirty-five divorced women and six WCAO officials were taken in census method, because census method is advisable for population less than 50. The informants mentioned the main cause for their divorce such as lack of discussion in marriage, change in husband’s behavior, sexual problem, and economic hardship. The divorced women found vulnerable to worse life situations after their marriage breakdowns. They pointed out consequences of divorce on their economic wellbeing, their health, their psychological wellbeing, as well as on social interactions. Thus, the analysis based on the valid 59 questions responses and seven interview responses. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 20. Descriptive statics used for presentation and interpretation of data. The challenging life situations of the divorced women elaborated in the themes of analysis identified in each of the basic topics raised in this study



Most marriages are ending up in divorce for various reasons and, thus,