The Influence of Using Social Media on Preparatory Students’ Academic Performance in Addis Ababa Bole Sub-City Ethio-Parents’ Preparatory School.

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Addis Ababa University


Social media in the current new generation has been used widely and as expected it brought negative consequence. The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of social media on academic performance of preparatory students in Ethio-Parents’ Preparatory School. The researcher prepared research questions to guide the study. In this study the researcher used descriptive research design. The study was conducted on Ethio-Parents’ school which had 300 preparatory students. Among them the researcher took 100 students using stratified sampling, simple random and cluster sampling techniques. Internet Addiction Test and Academic Motivation and Interest Test were used in this study. The researcher used descriptive statistics of frequency counts and percentage to analyze the demographic data and Pearson’s Correlation, One Sample T-test and Independent Sample T-test to analyze the data. The findings showed that a large number of preparatory students in Ethio-Parents’ School were addicted to Internet. As a result of using social media, their learning was affected negatively. To this end the researcher recommended that schools should teach their students the advantages and disadvantages of using Social Media; and parents should control their children’s habit on the usage of Social Media. And also school counselors should create awareness for it. In addition, students should pay attention and be concerned about the negative consequences of using Social Media and wisely think how they will get along with Social Media to support their learning.



Influence of Using Social Media, on Preparatory Students’ Academic Performance