Exploring the Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility in Ethiopian Brewery Industry: The Case of Heineken Ethiopia PLC

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Addis Ababa University


Currently the Ethiopian beer market is experiencing its biggest growth and transformation. The number of consumers is increasing alarmingly. The main driver for growth are the breweries’ marketing strategy and a growing population. Alcohol related harm to people of any age remains an issue of ongoing concern for the community and a challenging area for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) response by the breweries.The purpose of this thesis is to explore theCSR activity of the brewery industry in the case of Heineken Ethiopia PLC. The research studied what CSR is in the context of Heineken Ethiopia, how Heineken implemented CSR, the benefits and barriers to implement CSR in Heineken and the initiatives that are done by Heineken Ethiopia to promote responsible consumption.The research employed a qualitative research approach, wherein, in-depth interview, focus group discussions (FGDs), document analysis and observations were used as data gathering instruments. The study used qualitative case study research method.With regard to the sampling procedure,twenty one internal and external stakeholders of Heineken Ethiopia were selected for interview using purposive and snowball sampling techniques. The researcher has also conducted three FGDs with farmers who supply barley for Heineken Ethiopia with a total number of eighteen participants. The FGDs have been made for the purpose of triangulation.The study showed that Heineken Ethiopia implements a systematic focused and institutionalized approach to CSR and that the understanding and practice of CSR in Heineken Ethiopia focused on type of CSR that is positively impactful on stakeholders.The study recommended that CSR programs of Heineken Ethiopia should be owned by employees at all level. Besides, the CSR activities of the company should be communicated both in digital media and the mainstream media. Furthermore, Heineken Ethiopia need to engage in serious commitment to promote responsible consumption and protect children from beer promotion. Key words: Corporate Social Responsibility, Brewery Industry, Ethiopia, Heineken Ethiopia



Corporate Social Responsibility, Brewery Industry, Ethiopia, Heineken Ethiopia