Property Grabbing and Inheritance Rights of Children in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


In many African Countries, which Ethiopia is no different, inheritance is one of the most common means by which physical property is transferred from one generation to another. The Ethiopian legal system has an extensive law on inheritance and child rights. However, grabbing the properties of children is practiced now and then in every parts of the country. This research has looked into and examined the different series (both national and international) of laws in the country as well as institutions that have involvement in the improvements of children’s lives. The study briefly examines the seriousness of property grabbing in Ethiopia alongside the experiences of some African Countries. The findings of the study show how paternal and/or maternal orphans are affected by the result of property grabbing and observe the national and international responses and its validity to deal with the problem, and further examines the lessons that can be learned from civil society models, frameworks and actions. Even though the civil society models and frameworks are not exactly aimed at tackling the problem of property grabbing, their works in one or another way has helped the lives of the children to get out of the absolute poverty and get some of the things they lost as a result of losing their parents and their rightful properties. Children are affected not only because they lost their parents but also loss of property through grabbing which has an immense effect on the growth and wellbeing of the children. The study find out that property grabbing from children downgrade the orphans into extreme poverty, lack of education, ill health situation, child labour, child abuse, and the overall wellbeing of the children. And finally has made a recommendation to be done in different aspects both by the side of the government and the stakeholders involved with the works of improvement of the lives of children in the country.



inheritance,Rights Of Children