Assessment of Locally Produced Mechanical Coupler and Traditional Reinforcement Splice System in Building Construction

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Addis Ababa University


High compression loads are well sustained by concrete elements, while tensile loads are poorly tolerated. Therefore, reinforcing steel bars of various standard sizes and lengths are used for the design of reinforced concrete structures. Manufacturing, fabrication, and transportation limitations make it impossible to provide full length continuous bars in some reinforced concrete structures. For this reason, it is often more convenient to work with shorter bar lengths, it is frequently necessary to splice bars in the field. Lap splices cause congestion at the splice locations, sometimes making their use impossible; rebar congestion making it difficult to concrete to pass through; the industry has also used mechanical coupler splice generate rebar splices. There are many types of mechanical splicing products available in the world, in Ethiopia threaded coupler use some construction project at Addis Ababa. The objective of this research is to study the speed of installation procedure among splice type, cost of splice type, the splice to be used, load-deflection and crack behavior of reinforcement concrete beams under static point load configuration of different reinforcement splice type. The methodology is experimental program, and it has been performed to investigate the research tested in point load configuration with cube test of concrete and tensile test of reinforcement splice bar type. Each beam was designed to include two bars in tension, spliced at the center of the span. A total of twelve beam specimens, specimens were grouped into four groups to investigate influences of splice type with respect to control beam, weld splice beam, lap splice beam and mechanical coupler splice beam. Each series was involved three beams tested to investigate the performance of reinforcement bar splice type. The findings of an experimental investigation, cost comparison and installation for reinforcement splice type stated under the objective with short summary. Recommendations are presented at the end.



continuous, splice, couple, bond