Assessment of Small Scale Irrigation Contribution to Household Food Security in Angolela Tera District, North Shoa Zone of Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia has been highly affected by drought and climate-related hazards, and millions of people have been left without sustenance every year. Irrigation is one means through which agricultural production and farm income can be increased to meet the growing food demands of the world. This study focused the assessment of small scale irrigation contribution to households’ food security in case of Angolela Tera district North Shoa zone, Amhara National Regional state. This study investigates the contribution of small-scale irrigation to the households’ food security status. Both primary and secondary data were collected for the study. Primary data were collected from 140 sample households drawn from beneficiary households by systematic random sampling method, focus group discussion (25irrigation farmers); key informant interview, and direct personal observation were also used to collect qualitative data. Both correlation and descriptive statistics were used to describe the association of the sample households in small scale irrigation. To get the food security status of households, a modified form of a simple equation termed as food consumption score, dietary diversity originally from FAO was applied. The findings of the study highlights that there is a positive impact of irrigation because it brings increased agricultural production and productivity, which in a way improves food security situation asset building. Regarding food security, irrigation users are in a better position in food access, utilization and availability and also in a better position in dietary frequency and diversity , Based on the result some of the factors affecting small scale irrigation were found to be the skill gap in utilization of irrigation agronomy, instability of the market, lack of access market information ,pest and diseases It has been, therefore, concluded that small scale irrigation development contributes to food security of beneficiary households. Thus, ministry of agriculture and non-governmental organizations should join hands to support the development of such small scale irrigation schemes. Linking the farmers with the marketing system, training on irrigation agronomy, and making the users aware of effective and efficient utilization of water irrigation management, promotion of xii post-harvest technology, access technology has small scale irrigation schemes could significantly improve the status of food security.



.Small scale irrigation, house hold food security, and dietary diversity.