The Practice of Social Entrepreneurship in the Efforts towards Solving Social Problems for the Community; the Case of TEBITA Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service in Addis Ababa

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Addis abeba Univercity


Social entrepreneurship is a growing field of socio economic activity and academic interest. Social entrepreneurs and the social oriented organizations they create have become important actors in socio economic system; organizing resources into productive activities and creating value for society This study explored the practices of social entrepreneurship in the efforts towards solving some societal problems in Ethiopia. It attempted to examine and present the benefit of undertaking of the practice in bringing sustainable solutions for the many societal problems in the country. Furthermore, the study also explored the nature and social service provision and delivery as well as the innovative structure and business model of social enterprises through modelling one pioneering local enterprise called TEBITA Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service in Addis Ababa. During the field work of the study, thirteen study participants actively and constructively participated at the study area. To provide answer to the basic research questions, qualitative research method was used, and the necessary data were collected through Key Informant Interview, Focus Group Discussion, Individual Case Studies and Systematic Observation. The collected data were analysed employing qualitative approach of data analysis. The result of the study indicated that despite lack of proper policy and legal framework that imposed challenges and constraints as well as very limited attention paid for the subject matter, nature and phenomenon of social entrepreneurship in Ethiopia, some local enterprises like TEBITA Ambulance are really engaged in the innovative entrepreneurial practice and striving to provide social services for their respective community to bring sustainable solutions to contribute towards to some of the social problems prevailed across the country. The study also found that Ethiopia really can benefit from such kind of innovative entrepreneurial endeavours and initiatives which have the potential of job creation especially for the marginalized that in turn also brings sustainable solutions for social development and social change. The study finally listed its suggestions as the need for policy and legal framework advocacy, the creation of public private partnership between the government and the private sector to further the socioeconomic and environmental issues and problems. In addressing the implication towards social work, the crucial need to pay proper attention for the social entrepreneurship concept, nature and phenomenon by both the academicians and practitioners as well as the necessity for incorporating the discipline in all the country‟s higher education business and social work curricula has been indicated. Key Words: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurs, Social Innovation, Social Sustainability and Development



Social Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurs, Social Innovation, Social Sustainability and Development