The Role of Digital Marketing in Manufacturing Industries: The Case of Textile and Garment Manufacturing Industries in Addis Ababa City

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Digital marketing can help manufacturing companies build relationships and establish their organization at the forefront of their field. In the development of science and technology today’s innovation becomes obsolete tomorrow and the tastes and preferences of the consumers are also changing at a rapid rate. To explore the digital marketing ecosystem exploratory and descriptive research designs were used. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods were employed. By purposely sampling techniques 9 textile and 7 garment firms a total of 16 firms were subjects of the study. A total of 170 questionnaires were distributed and 160 of them were returned back. The finding of the study revealed that Search engine marketing in selected textile and garment factories were low but the companies use social media advertisement intensively and the customers were familiarized with firm’s social media. The practice of email marketing in textile and garment industries is not common and most customers have not email connection with the companies. Pay per click in the garment and textile factories were low and the companies have not alternative search engines for Pay per click, even the Pay per click fee is not reasonable. Search engine optimization or the companies search engine site were not visible to users and were not that much relevant to users. The companies have no Search engine optimization expert which improves the quality of the companies website. The textile and garment companies should improve their digital marketing in general and their search engine marketing, email marketing, enhance their website advertisement, in particular by improving search engine optimization or Publishing Relevant Content about their company, by Updating the Content Regularly, by putting enough data about the product and production process as well, and linking any worthy site to customers



Textile and Garment Industry, Search Engine, Social Media Marketing, Website, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization