Assessment of Awareness about the Exsistance of Youth Centers and their Reproductive Health Service among Youth of Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba Universty


BACKGROUND: Youth in the developing world often lack information about reproductive health and the natural process of puberty this lack of knowledge, cultural and peer influence predisposes them to unplanned sexual relation and exposes them with adverse consequences. Youth centers fill this gap by providing information, counseling and reproductive health services towards protecting them this can be done by using recreational services as a gate for providing the service. OBJECTIVE: assessment of awareness about exsistane of youth centers and their reproductive health services among youth aged 15-24 in Addis Ababa city. METHOD: A community-based cross-sectional quantitative study was employed among 845 youth aged 15 to 24 years from selected 5 sub-cities of Addis Ababa out of ten subcities from Feb, 2014 to march 2015, employing a multi-stage sampling procedure. Observation of reproductive health clinic was conducted in the selected five youth centers. The study participants were interviewed using interviewer administered pretested questionnaire. Data were entered and cleaned using SPSS version 21 package. Descriptive, Bivariate and multivariate analysis was employed to analyze the data. RESULT: Among 845 youth who participated in this study, 630 (74.6%) have heard about youth centers and reproductive health services, of them who heard 475(75.3%) accessed youth center. Among those who accessed to youth center 340 (71.5%) of them used available reproductive health service. In the bivariate and multivariate analysis female were less likely to have awareness about exsistance of youth center and reproductive health service than male [AOR of 0.68 (95%CI= 0.48,0.86)],those currently not attending school less likely [AOR of 0.38(95%CI= 0.27,0.53)], age group 20-24 were more likely AOR of 1.08 (95%CI= 0.96,1.29)] and those attending religious places infrequently [AOR of 1.57 (95%CI = 1.05-2.35)] more likely to have awareness of the youth center and reproductive health services. CONCLUSION: In general from all participants of the study majority of youth were having information about existence of youth center and its reproductive health service, but users of reproductive health service is found to be low when compared to the general participant of study,.thus, much more intensified effort is required to increase promotion of the reproductive health service of youth center to attract young people, respond to their needs and retain for continuing care to take role in the prevention of youth from reproductive health related problems



Assessment of Awareness about the Exsistance of Youth Centers