An Assessment of the Status of Population and Family Life Education in the Curriculum of Some Selected Colleges of Teachers Education in Ethiopia and its Effect Upon the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of the Students

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the status of Pop/FLE in the curriculum of Teachers Education in Ethiopia and to findout its effect upon the knowledge, attitude and practice of the students. To do this, two Regional Colleges of Teachers Education namely; Awassa and Gonder were randomly chosen. From the total of 460 students population in the two colleges 154 sample students were randomly selected. Sixteen department heads and 5 curriculum designers were interviewed. A questionnaire consisting of 20 items multiple choice test, 20 items attitude inventory, 12 items rating scale and one open ended question was administered for the sample students twice as a pre-and post-test to see the effect of the course.The course catalogues and course contents were considered as sources of supplementary data . Then, percentage mean, mUltiple comparison of the mean, analysis of variance (ANOVA), Pearson correlation coefficient and t-test were used to analyse the data. . The study revealed that the students seem to have Pop/FLE knowledge and positive attitude and practicing it at the time of their enrolment to college. However, variation in their KAP level was found as a result of differences in College, sex, religion, residential background and previous exposure to Pop/FL information. Besides positive relationship was found between their knowledge level and attitude, and their knowledge and practice . It was found that, there are significant proportions of Pop/FL related objectives and contents in each department though they lack depth and special concern .



An Assessment of the, Status of Populationand Family