Sanitary Condition of Catering Business Establishments in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


A great majority of eating places are functioning in Addis Ababa under different denominations. The sanitary standards of these establishments was not clearly known since no systematic study had been conducted so far in the city. A cross-sectional survey was conducted to assess the sanitary condition of catering establishments in fifty randomly selected from 284 Kebeles in Addis Ababa proper from October to December 1994. Census identified 1485 catering establishments in these kebeles. Twelve randomly selected establishments were included into the study from each Kebele for the study. The response rate was 98.7%. Findings showed that 559(95 .2%) were privately owned. One hundred and seventy one (29.1 %) had no license. One hundred and fifty eight (26.9%) of the managers were not literate and only 7.2% had education above grade twelve. Poor repair condition of premises, inadequate sanitary faci lities, unsanitary utensils cleaning and handling , improper waste storage and disposal, poor personal hygiene of food handlers were the major findings. Seventy five (12.8%) of the studied estab lishments were found in good sanitary condition. Multi-sectoral approach of official control servIces by divulging the legislation to owners , managers , operators through regular supervIsIon and . increasing awareness of foodhandlers and the public in general , through training and health education are required to improve the current sanitary condition of catering establishments.



Sanitary Condition of Catering