Verbal Morphology of Gedeo

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Addis Ababa University


This study entitled ‘Verbal Morphology of Gedeo’ consists of five chapters which are classified in different subsections. The study is largely a descriptive one and hence does not involve much theoretical discussion. Chapter one provides the introduction thesis including a brief summary of the phonology. The second chapter deals with the inflectional and derivational morphology of the language. In chapter three the analysis of subordinate verb forms are presented involving some kinds of subordinate clauses, such as relative clauses, complement clauses, converbs and some adverbial clauses including conditionals. The fourth chapter deals with the negation of all verb forms. In the fifth chapter the main points are summarized and the general points about the verb structure of the language concluded on the base of above descriptions. At the end, an appendix of words is attached followed by a list of bibliography.



Verbal Morphology of Gedeo