The Contribbution of Coulombic Pressure to the Stability of thin Keplerian Accretion Discs Around a Neutron Star with Axisymmetric Magnetic Dipole

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Addis Ababa University


Based on the contribution of intraction between various charged components of the system the stability analysis of an axisymmetric geometrically thin and optically thick accretion disk around a magnetized neutron star is presented.The disk we consider is modi ed by including the e ect of coulombic pressure on the total pressure.We consider three region of the disks outer, middle and inner region. The outer and middle region of the disk is dominated by gas pressure and the inner region is dominated by radiation pressure. The opacity in the middle and inner region is mainly due to electron scattering whereas that in the outer region is mainly due to free-free emission. Starting from the vertically integrated non-relativistic hydrodynamics equations we set up the basic equations which govern the structure of the disc and for the stability analysis of the disc model we have kept the time dependencies in the equations. Even if we include coulombic pressure We nd that the gas pressure dominated region is thermally stable.The graph of stability parameter as afunction of the disk radius shows that the inner region of the disc is viscously unstable



The Contribbution of Coulombic Pressure