Perceived Contribution of School Leaders Behavior to Students Academic Achievement in Secondary Schools of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


School leader’s behavior is prominent for ensuring that decisions about curriculum, instructional strategies, assessment, and professional development are based on sound research, best practices, and appropriate data and other contextual information’s. The purpose of the study is to examine the perceived school leader’s behavior contribution to student’s academic achievement in secondary schools of Addis Ababa city administration. For the study qualitative approach designs employed and analyze the data using narration a phenomenological method. A sample of eleven schools and three sub-cities administration selected through purposive sampling techniques. And the main data collection instruments were interview and document analysis. The result of the study revealed that, concerning to perceived school leaders behavior includes the school leaders’ leadership decision, communication, leadership behavior, and leadership effectiveness from respondent description where the main and has a great contribution to the student’s academic achievement. Therefore, to enhance the perceived contribution of school leaders for students’ academic achievement the researcher recommends that the City Administration Bureau of Education take appropriate measures including supply of adequate material and professional support to sub city and providing needed training and administrative support for school leaders to fill their gaps in knowledge, roles and skills the profession requires so that they would better be able to assist teachers and others stakeholders



Perceived Contribution of School Leaders Behavior to Students