Assessment of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo

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Addis Ababa University


Service quality has become the most important factor for the success and survival in airline industry and also to differentiate one airline from other competing airlines. In many services rendering organization service quality is major concern for organizations. Service quality is the most important structure in service marketing. Sustainable survival of an organization depends on its customers. The main purpose of this study is to assess service quality and improve customer satisfaction in Ethiopian Airlines cargo. The researcher used questioner in order to collect data about service quality in EAL cargo. In design the questioner compliant handling and compensation were added in addition to the five dimension of SERVQUAL model. The researcher used convenient sampling method in order to select the sample from the population. A total of 240 questioners were collected from customers. The data analysis was conducted through statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics using SPSS version 16. The finding indicates that service quality of the organization is poor. Based on the result of the correlation, it shows that reliability, assurance and compensations are positively and strongly correlated with customer satisfaction dimensions. The highest perceived service quality are observed in the tangibility and assurance and lest perceived quality is observed in compensation. From the study it is concluded that customer are not satisfied with the perceived service. Based on hypothesis testing there is a difference between perceived service and expected service by customers is accepted and reliability, assurance and compensation have positive relationships and significant effect on customer satisfaction so the hypothesis is accepted; however responsiveness empathy, tangibility, complaint handling has no significant effect on customer satisfaction so the hypothesis is rejected. The regression result also shows reliability has highest impact on customer satisfactions followed by Assurance and compensation



service quality, customer satisfaction