Technical investigation of rural schools roof water harvesting Schemes (The Case of Chacha And Choki School Schemes, in Amhara Region North Shoa Zone Angolalla Terana Asagirt Wereda)

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study is to assess and identify technical performance, structural conditions and water quality of Chacha and Choki School domestic roof water harvesting schemes implemented by water Action in Amhara region North Shoa Zone Angolela Terana Asagirt Wereda. The selected technical performance evaluation parameters are reservoir capacity, performance of gutter and down pipes and water quality. This research was formulated through literature review, analysis of some case studies on rainwater harvesting, and to a certain extent, semi-structured interviews and questionnaires, Data from primary and secondary sources also used for the purpose. The Tangaki Nahrim software is also used to evaluate optimal tank/reservoir/ usage. Using existed data on rainwater harvesting systems, a graph was established to figure out the relationship between tank size, roof area and number of users with percentage of time tank empty, coefficient of water utilization and reliability ratio so that easily understand and design economical water harvesting structures and cistern sizes for collection of rainwater. As a result the paper showed performance of rainwater harvesting schemes so that to indicate how to implement proposed rainwater harvesting system that may be used as a tool to further design and also propose research ideas that could be done to support current work being done in the research of DRWH. The research find out that, in general, lack of standardization and awareness, policy issues, poor system operation or management; lack of regular monitoring and maintenances are among the main technical performance problems on the promotion and implementation of the technology.



Amhara region North Shoa Zone