The Effects of Drying Parameters on the Quality Attributes of Matured Green Banana Chips

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Addis Ababa University


Living in twenty first century where different technologies are applied for better life, food preservation and increasing the quality attribute of food product takes a great concern. Fruits such as banana are easily perishable products, especially in east Africa countries including Ethiopia and other part of the world where there is high product of Cavendish banana it is common to observe high post- harvest loss. This paper investigate the drying effect on quality and characters of banana chips. Drying using fluidized bed and tray drier was applied to select the best drying equipment. Fluidized bed drier cre-ates uniform drying, capable of drying down with low residual moisture content with high efficiency. It is convenient for drying heat sensitive food material as it prevent from overheating due to mixing uniformly dried. The drying ratio obtained from the two dryers shows that drying using fluidized bed drier shows lower value than the banana slice dried using tray drier. The banana slice dried using fluidized bed drier reduces the drying time from 180 to 92 min. For the selected drying temperatures of 50, 65 and 80 ˚c, drying time ranging 60-180 min and slice thickness 2, 4.5 and 7mm was selected to study the drying effects. Using box-behnken design method the optimum value selected was 50 ˚c drying temperature, 104.221min drying time, 2mm slice thickness and 9.997 moisture content. Frying was conducted for the aim of predicting optimum operating dwarf Cavendish banana chips to mini-mize moisture and oil content in order to produce healthy product. The effect of frying temperature and time on moisture content, oil content, and breaking force and color difference was evaluated. Reponses surface methodology was used to analyze the result of central composite design of frying process for the response as result of variations in level of frying temperature (150-180ºc) and frying time (1-7min). The frying optimum value ranges 150 ˚c, 6.33 min and 9.718 moisture content, 19.09 color, 9.291 hardness and 11.983 oil content using central composite design. Drying kinetics was conducted in this research and thin layer model was applied to fit the models, it shows that page model was the best model for drying banana chips with R2value 0.967 and 0.998 as temperature goes from 50-80 ˚c. Effective moisture diffusivity shows increments from 7.114 ×10-11to 2.563×10-10 with the elevation of temperature. Temperature, slice thickness and drying time has shown effect on quality attribute of banana chips slice.



banana chips, box-behnken design, central composite design, drying, drying effect, drying kinetics, frying, optimization