Analysis of Factors Affecting Turnover Intention: The Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE)

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The theme of the study is to identifY and analyze the determinant factors that affect voluntary employee turnover intention in the case of commercial bank oj Ethiopia (CBE). Three basic factors: job related jactors (nature oj the job, superVISIOn, coworkers, financial rewards, promotion opportunities, autonomy and physical working condition), perceived alternative employment opportunity and organizational commitment were the most independent variables considered in affecting employee turnover intention. questionnaires which consists questions that request information from respondents regarding the independent variables and dependent variable were designed and distributed to the sampled employees. the study is based on primary data which were collected from a sample of 185 currently existing employees working at head office and twelve branches in Addis Ababa of CBE. the selection of existing employees was based on simple random sampling. to measure the operations of responses from the respondents and to assess the effect of independent variables three statistical tools: correlation analysis, t-test and multiple regression analysis were carried out. the results of these statistical analyses show that three factors are the most significant in explaining turnover intention in CBE. these variables are: organizational commitment, perceived available employment opportunity andfinancial rewards. their impact is in the respective order they are listed. finally, based on findings; conclusions and recommendat ions were made.



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