A Study of Women Prisoners in Kimbibiti and Debere-Birhan Prisons

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper tries to see the living situation of women in Kimbibiti and Debre-Birhan prisons. It mainly assesses the suitability of prisons for women prisoners in terms of the prisoners in terms of the privacy they get while they are imprisoned, personal hygiene Issues, medical service, nutrition, vocational training, and delivery of rehabilitation programmes. It also assesses the causes of committing crime for selected women inmates. Lastly, it tries to examme problems encountered during their stay at prison. Like men, there are so many reasons for women commit crime and contribute to the tariff of most offence categories. Women commit all offence categories. Some of the well known offences women commit are theft, infanticide, homicide, robbery, perjury, and abortion. However fewer women than men are coming to the criminal justice system. Women face multiples of problems while they are living in the pnson community. The situation m the prison community does not totally fit to women in most cases since the system long time ago. They do not take women's needs into consideration when they were built. Due to this fact many of the prisons and the situations in it are male oriented and designed for men.



Women Prisoners in Kimbibiti