Urban Poor Residents and Water Accessibility: The Case of Addis Ketema Subcity

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Addis Ababa University


Addis Ababa although is the major urban center in Ethiopia, it has lower potable water and proper sanitation service even by sub-sharan standard. Lower income level is sited the major factor for this as the poor doesn't afford private water connections. An overview of urban poverty in Addis Ababa shows that the poor is not only inaccessible to private connection but also consumes less. AA WSA (2005), states that only 4 percent of Addis Ababa residents have house connection and consume 80-100 litters of water per person daily. The research under the topic at hand explores water sources utilized and consumption level of low-income residents of Addis leetema Sub-city. For this purpose, 384 households from three leebels of the sub-city were selected for the survey. The result of the study shows that the urban poor use less convenient sources of water and also consume less than the minimum s tandard set by WHO. The study found out that 232(60.42 percent} out 384 households earn monthly income of Birr 600.00 of these 65.94% households use water sources such as yard connection shared tabs, public fountains and water from vendors. The average households' consumption is 11.23 litters of water per day ( by half lower than WHO's minumum satndard). The major factor attributed to such lower accessibility in both terms is mainly household income in the study area. Apart from this water problems such as frequent and sever interruption, unaffordable connection charges, expensive tariff and etc adversely affected the lives of the residents in general and the poor in particular. Concerning policy issues urban water supply policy is neither formulated independently nor is addressed comprehensively in the existing water supply policy. The existing areas concerning the urban setting in the policy lacles pro poor elements in terms of enabling the poor to get access to private meter connection as well as to afford the tariff set for water supply in urban areas where the tariff bases on full cost recovery method and also is progressive. Key words: water accessibility, distribution, supply and consumption, meter connection, household income, water sources and etc. List



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