Migration and Reintegration Endeavor of Women Domestic Workers Returnees from Saudi Arabia: the Experience of Saudi Returnees in North Wollo, Woldia Town

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study is to address Migration and reintegration supports provided to female returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Woldia town administration. The study provides an understanding on the challenges of female returnees. Moreover, it brings a discussion on how these experiences have affected the life of returnees. Descriptive research design was employed with the objective of revealing the experiences of forced returnees, paid attention to explore the return, reunification and reintegration of forced return migrants from the family network perspectives. The study participants of this research are 124 forced returnees from the Saudi Arabia. Data were collected through simple random sampling techniques. The data collection techniques used included structured interview, key informant interview, un structured interview and observation. The data was analyzed thematically through detailed narration and discussion to get in- depth insight of the subject matter. The finding reveals the main causes for their migration were poverty, lack of education, influence and pressure from friends and families, slight change in the life of neighbors or friends whose relatives are living abroad. The finding of the study demonstrate that since they were deported empty-handed, housing problems and unavailability of jobs were hindering them from reintegrating with their family and community. The result showed that there was a gap in providing comprehensive reintegration programs in effective and coordinated manner, due to these returnees desire of re- migrating again. The study revealed that there is a need for migration policy and national policy on rehabilitation and reintegration of returnees by involving key actors like MOLSA, Minister of foreign affairs, Immigration and Citizenship Authority, NGOs, private stake holders and academicians



North Wollo, Woldia town