Employees’ Opinion about Human Resource Development Practices of National Bank of Ethiopia: A Study

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Addis Ababa University


Now days, organizations operate in a complex and changing environment that greatly enhances or influences their growth and expansion. To cope up with this changing environment and technological advancement organizations need to develop and train their employees. In addition the survival and growth of any organization depends on the quality of human resources of the company. Skills and knowledge can easily become obsolete in same way as machines or technology. So if an organization is to survive these must be constantly kept up to date through effective HRD programs. HRD is especially important in industries with rapidly changing technologic such as banking industries Having this in mind, the study has been conducted in NBE to assess the practices HRD programs. The methodologies used to undertake the study were both primary and secondary data collection instruments. The sampling technique employed to collect primary information was simple random sampling. Accordingly, the data gathered were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The finding of the study reveled that NBE’S strength in most of the T and D program processes, especially with respects to adequacy of HRD budgets, HRD methods, trainer’s capabilities and skills, appropriateness of training facilities and desired content of the HRD program.. However, NBE is not as such effective enough relation to HRD program’s need assessment, objectives, training periods’ adequacy, and evaluation as majority the respondents replied. Thus, the bank should keep up with its strengths and should alleviate its weaknesses by applying scientific principles regarding HRD program.



Opinion about Human Resource Development