Psychological Effects of Institutiona l Ca re for the Older Pe rsons: A Stud y at Kibre Aregawyan Meg bare Senay Derejet (KAMSD)

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study is to explore what psychological effects result from the institutionalized care on the resident elders of Kibre Aregawian Megbare Senay Derejet through understanding their lived experiences in the in stitution. The study also intends to find out how the care provided resu lts in these problems and the coping mechanisms the elders use when they encou nter these prob lems. This was achieved through the fo llowing research questions: What are the psychological problems of elders caused by the care given at the institution? How does the care provided in KAMSD result these problems? How do the elders in KAMSD cope up with these problems? The qualitative research method was employed to understand the matter under exam inat ion. Data of the study were collected through semi structured interview. Elders, care takers and others who are in charge of caring for the elders were the sources of the data. The elders who are the major sources of the data were se lected using purpos ive sampling. The se lection was conducted by using a set of selection criter ia. The data collected was analysed us ing content analysis. Resu lts from the study indicate that there are at least four psychological effects namely low self-esteem, loss of control, depress ion and situational st ress. The findings for the second question were institutionalization, dependency and lack of physical activities and loneli ness as causes for the problems in question number one. Reading, sleeping and other types of coping mechanisms were included for the findings in question number three. The study finally recommends the attention from po licy make rs to be high towards the psychol ogical problems resident elders encounter during their old ages in care centres. Social workers are expected to work close ly with the elders and advocate for the better life quality of elders living in instituti ons. As future areas of research researchers can take each psychological problem mentioned in thi s study and make fu rther deta iled studies.



Psychological Effects of Institutiona l Ca re for the Older Pe rsons