A Study of Job Stress and Coping Strategies Among North Shoa Zone High Sctiool Teaciiers in Relation to Selected Demograpiic Variables

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Addis Ababa University


This study allempfed 10 investigate the main SOUfces of teachers ! slress and coping .1·lralegies, and 10 delermine Ihe effecl.\' of qualificalion level, grade level laughl, and years o./Ieaching experience on leacher slress and coping strategies. To realize the above slaled objeclives data were collecled/rom 228 respondenls (Ieachers) selecled Ihrough strali/ied random sampling lechnique from North Shoo Zone high schools by using Iwo questionnaires: namely, the teacher stress scale and teachers' coping strategy scale. Iv{ean.I', slandard de vial ions, 1- lesl, and ANOV;/ (one way, Ihree way) were employed in Ihe analyses of Ihe calleclcd dala. The ahlained resulls portrayed thai Ihe ji,c/Or slressOr,\': 'poor working condilions' and 'sludenl misbehavior' and Ihe .Iilclor coping, 'express .Ieeling.\' and seek supporl' were ./ound 10 he Ihe main sOllrces 0/ slress ami coping in Ihe presenl condilion o/Ieachers respeclively. Besides, signi/icanl eifecis were ohloined hy grade level lallghl on slress and coping Teachers who lau~h( (II grade nine and len were more slressed Ihan who laughl 01 grade II and 12. Coping siralegies were lIsed more frequently in grade nine and len leachers (IS well. Furthermore, high scho()1 leachers j{lceci job-relaled slress regardless 0/ Iheir quali/icalion level and yeors of leachin}!, experience. Similarly, coping strategies were used invariably (fcross the levels ol qualificalion and experience. The significant inleraclion elfecls bel ween Ihe 111'0 demographic variables (grade level laughl and leoching experience) indicaled Ihol heginner and morc experienced /('({chers Il'ho IOl/gh' at grade nine anti len found to lise more copinf!, s trategies Ihon Iheir counterparts who laugh/ 0/ grade I J and / 2. lITe reverse held 'rue /0 teachers with moderale experience. Those who laught af grade II and 12 used relalively more coping siralegies Ihunleachers who laughl 01 grade nine lind len. ler/ain varia/ions on the fac/ors of slress (lnd coping were ohloined (lcross these demographic voriables. Finally conclusions and recommendations are made.



Relation to Selected Demograpiic Variables