Cloud Computing Readiness of Some Selected Organizations in Ethiopia: Towards A Strategic Guideline

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Addis Ababa University


Cloud computing is a new way of delivering computing resources and services. It promises better delivery of IT services as well as availability whenever and wherever needed at reduced costs with users paying only as much as they consume through the services of cloud service providers. The cloud technology reduces complexity while increasing speed and quality of IT services provided. Nowadays, organizations understand that Cloud computing can present them significant benefits, but many are struggling with what the options are, the benefits and risks of those options and when and how they should initiate their journey to embrace cloud computing. Organizations believe that cloud computing can improve their performance. However, as with any innovation & adoption, cloud computing should be strictly assessed before its widespread adoption. This paper discusses the factors and challenges of cloud computing adoption. Additionally, the paper discussed the various service and deployment models of cloud computing and present important factors necessary for successful cloud computing adoption. This paper investigates the readiness of 7 selected Organizations from four different sectors located in Ethiopia. The study used the Technology Organization Environment (TOE) framework. This research collected data from interviews .The data was analyzed using qualitative data analysis methods. It produces a Strategic guideline that could be used by Ethiopian organizations for the successful adoption of cloud computing. The researcher also validated the Guideline by different Experts in the works at managerial and Technical level. Organizations can use the strategic guideline to determine the direction, strategy, and resource allocation when they decided to migrate from traditional to cloud-based environment. If they follow the guidelines proposed by the study, their cloud computing readiness level will be improved and they will benefit from a successful cloud computing implementation. .



Cloud computing, cloud computing adoption, Organizational readiness, cloud computing strategic guideline